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How to Give a Guinea Pig Enough Exercise


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How to Give a Guinea Pig Enough Exercise

You might not think that a guinea pig needs a lot of exercise in his life, but these cute creatures have to stay fit and healthy just like everyone else in your family.

The good news is that helping your pet to get enough exercise is easy to do and should be fun too.

Why They Need to Work Out

Out in the wild, guinea pigs are naturally very active, as their lifestyle basically involves rummaging around for bits of food and trying to avoid larger predators that could harm them. However, domesticated animals tend to get a lot less exercise and donít need to work hard to get hold of enough food to survive each day.

This means that they can put on too much weight very easily. As with humans, piling on the pounds can lead to a range of problems such as heart disease.By exercising regularly, your beloved pet will stay in good shape and will hopefully help him to remain healthy for longer. 

This tool will help you to work out whether is currently overweight or not.You may have heard that people are happier when they exercise regularly, and the same thing is believed to be true with these pets too. The right amount of time spent working out can help guinea pigs to lower their stress levels and burn off excess energy in a fun way.

Adding Some Exercise Equipment to Their Cages

The typical hamster wheel or ball might seem perfect for a guinea pig too, but the fact is that these toys arenít right for your pet. Guinea pigs arenít built like hamsters or mice, so using one of these accessories could seriously hurt him.Instead, you should look to give him plenty of things to explore in his cage.

Tunnels and caves are among the most interesting options for giving your pet a great incentive to move around his cage and get some exercise.

Adding new toys now and then will give him something new to investigate and also keep him mentally stimulated. Some people like to provide deeper bedding, which could cause him to spend more time digging.  Chew toys, play pens, and swings are among the best guinea pig toys listed for sale online, although you might prefer to create your own play areas instead.

Getting Outside the Cage

It is vital that your pet spends some time outside his cage too, with up to 4 hours a day generally recommended for keeping him healthy and happy. Remember that this exercise time needs to be spent in a safe area free of hazards. Some toxic plants are dangerous for these creatures and your other pets could also hurt them even if they donít mean to. Visit casino 10 euro bez depozytu za sama rejestracje.

Simply allowing him to run around freely in the safest room of your house is probably the simplest way of doing this. You might also want to let him go outside for a spell, which should preferably be done in a penned-in area to avoid any problems.You can help to keep your pet safe while exercising outdoors by supervising him and leaving some food and drink out for him when he needs it.

In terms of the exercise routine, he doesnít need to train hard like one of the basketball stars you watch when you go to to bet on NBA games. Still, he should get a varied, fun routine that he enjoys.By carrying out these simple steps, you will ensure that your pet gets to live a happier, healthier life while you get to enjoy watching him have fun.