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A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs

Author Lisa Maddock

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A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs

Meet nine-year-old Molly Jane, an animal lover with a taste for mysteries! When the woman who rents the garage apartment leaves town, she puts Molly Jane’s mother in charge of her two guinea pigs, Teddy and Pip. One day Molly Jane finds out that Teddy and Pip can talk! Not only can they talk, they are miserably unhappy without their owner, Amelia. They give Molly Jane an earful of complaints about their new situation: they miss television, Beatles records and bottled water! And why are they being kept in a bucket? When Amelia’s absence is prolonged, Molly Jane and the guinea pigs start to suspect things are not as they seem. With the help of Teddy and Pip, Molly Jane starts her own private investigation into the matter.

A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs is a charming and witty novel for young readers. Teddy and Pip will endear themselves to you the moment thy open their little mouths. “Worst of times!” cries the passionate Pip whenever he is disgruntled. Teddy is more calm and collected and tells Molly Jane their story, which is tied to his old owner, a professor named Wally. It seems Wally and Amelia are very close friends, but Teddy and Pip haven’t seen hide nor hair of Wally in a long time.
Will Molly Jane and the guinea pigs be able to solve the mystery of Amelia’s whereabouts? Why has Amelia’s friend Wally stopped coming by to visit the guinea pigs? Why didn’t Amelia leave clear instructions for taking care of Teddy and Pip? Molly Jane tackles these questions and many more while all the time keeping the guinea pigs’ ability to talk a secret. A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs is destined to entertain you with its two unlikely, cute and cuddly heroes!

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