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5 Toys your Guinea Pig will Love

Author Jane Hudson

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5 Toys your Guinea Pig will LoveGuinea pigs are cute little creatures belonging to rodent family. If you look around, most of the pet product retailers stock plenty of products and supplies for guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are active animals and they like to play around. You can create a little play land for your guinea pig. Luckily, you do not have to spend a fortune to keep your little buddy happy and running around. Some cheap and simple toys are available at most of the pet products stores online and in-store. Here are some toys for guinea pigs to keep them active and amused.   

Small Animal 6 Panel Exercise Pen
This exercise pen available at Target, made from 13 gauge steel frame and blue and purple colored powder coated wires. It is portable from place to place and it can be folded into panels for storage purposes. It is great to keep your guinea pig safe and active at the same time.

Prevue Hendryx Nature's Hideaway Grass Tunnel
This tunnel available at Amazon is hand woven from natural couch grass. It satisfies your pet's natural instincts to hide and play around. Its multiple entrances keep your pet excited to run in and out from different openings.

Super Pet Guinea Pig Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hide Out 
This colorful hideout available at Amazon is made from 7 inches long colorful wooden sticks. The hide out is flexible in shape and can be twisted in different shapes such as stairway, stump, cave or wavy wall to keep your pet engaged in new activities.

Pine Wood Crazy Carrot Small Pet Chew Toy
As for the guinea pigs, their teeth are constantly growing, so they need to file them and keep them trimmed. This hanging chew toy at Amazon made from natural pine and colored with safe and edible colors, is ideal for guinea pigs to give them lots of twisted fun and chewing activity.

Super Pig Guinea Pig Igloo Hide Out
This on-piece Igloo hide out made from translucent plastic encourages your pet's nesting instincts. The hide out, you can buy at Amazon, is easy to clean and odor and stain resistant. Your pet can climb and jump up and down the Igloo, hide inside it or can take a cozy nap.

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Author Bio:  Jane Hudson is an expert in pet training and grooming and owns a number of pets. She volunteers at animal shelters and participates in animal rescue programs. She is also a thrifty mom and housewife, who regularly use various discount coupons and Amazon promo codes to save money.