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How to Find a Veterinarian

Author Allen

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How to Find a Veterinarian

If there's a pet in your family--or in your future--you'll need to find a trustworthy veterinarian. Tackle this just as you would to find a doctor for any other loved one.
  1. Grill friends for recommendations; word-of-mouth references from impassioned pet-owners are the best way to find a good vet. Ask what it is that they like about the vet. Dog parks are also an excellent place to get information. 
  2. Check with specialty pet stores or breeders to find a vet who specializes in a certain pet or breed. 
  3. Choose a vet whose office location, days and business hours are convenient for you.  
  4. Call potential candidates and ask the office manager about their payment policies and what the rate is for a basic checkup. Confirm that you'll be able to see the same vet with each visit.  
  5. Find out what emergency services are offered during and after business hours. Which animal hospital is the vet associated with? Is it nearby? 
  6. Visit the office to make sure it is clean and orderly, and that the staff is helpful and knowledgeable. 
  7. Ask to meet with the veterinarian to discuss your pet. Are you comfortable talking to this person? Is he or she responsive to your questions? 
  8. Make sure the vet has no plans to retire anytime soon. You'll want a vet who's likely to stay in practice for the duration of your pet's life. 
  9. Choose the vet that best fits your needs and bring your pet there for an initial checkup. The vet will begin a medical file on your pet. 
  10. Keep the veterinarian's phone number with your emergency numbers. Share it with pet caretakers when you go out of town.   
Overall Tips: 
Ask if alternative and holistic treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal treatments are available. 
Find out what food, flea control products and medicines the vet carries for sale. 
What to look for: 
  •  Personal recommendations 
  •  Convenient location and hours 
  •  Affordable rates 
  •  Good emergency services 
  •  Clean office 
  •  Friendly staff 
  •  Personable vet