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Guinea Pigs Club Piano Player

piano gameCreate your own sounds with this virtual piano.

How to play: Use your mouse and click the piano keys

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Candy's Xmas

Christmas Guinea Pigs GameHelp Candy get her christmas tree back from the snowman.

How to play: Press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, arrow keys to move the Candy the guinea pig. Press SPACE key to fire the bullets.

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Guinea Pigs Pirates

Guinea Pigs Pirates GameHit the guinea pigs pirates balloons with your pirate ship cannon ball so you save your guinea pigs from the pirates.

How to play: To play this game you have to use the mouse to change the direction of your cannon and to shoot use the mouse left click. The more you leave the left click pressed the more power you give to the cannon ball.

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Hit the Grinch

Hit the Grinch GameHit with the Hammer as many grinches as you can so you can save all Guinea Pigs Christmas. Don' Hit the Piggy, Father Christmas or Rudolph as you'll lose points.

How to play: Move the Hammer with your mouse and to make the hammer hit something, click on your left mouse button.

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How quickly can you feed your Guinea Pig?

How quickly can you feed your Guinea Pig? GameFeed as much vegetables to your Guinea Pig as you can in 30 seconds.

How to play: Click on 'Start', then drag as many vegetables into your guinea pig as possible within the time limit to see how good you are to take care of your cavy.

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Feed The Piggy

Feed The PiggyThe aim of this online game is to feed the guinea pig with the vegetables available. The more vegetables the guinea pig eats the more points you get!!!

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Paint The Guinea Pig

Paint The Guinea PigPaint your Guinea Pigs as you wish and when it's ready Print it so you can hang it on the wall so you show everyone that you're a little artist!

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Guinea Pigs Memory Game

Guinea Pigs Memory GameThe aim in the game is to find pairs. When the game starts, all cards lie with their backs facing the players. On the front of the cards there are different pictures of guinea pigs and the players need to turn cards with the same guinea pig. In each round each player flips two cards. If these cards match, the player gets one point and continues. If it's not a pair, the cards are flipped back again and it's the next player's turn. The best player that matches most pairs wins!

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