mating your guinea pigs

A sow (female guinea pig) can be allowed to mix freely with the boar (male guinea pig) while she is not pregnant. In a breeding group you can keep up to twelve sows with boar.

A nest box with the size of 0.25meters squared area, lined with soft hay or shredded paper (do not use newsprints), can be laid for the pregnant sow. This is not essential but make sure there is plenty of bedding hay available for her to form her own nest.

As guinea pigs are very sociable and they get on well in groups you can keep a mum with her broods together if you have adequate space for them. It is better if you remove the boar from the sow if you suspect that she's pregnant or at least when the young are born. It is not suggested that you keep boar with several sows permanently together if you don't have enough space for them. Such enlarging colonies are rarely the scene of disharmony or squabbling but the population expansion will lead to epidemics of diseases if they don't have enough living space.

"Before breeding a guinea pig always think about how many homeless guinea pigs you can save instead of breeding" Guinea Pigs Club

CautionGuinea Pigs can sometimes breed at the age, so if you don't have any plan to breed your cavies, it's better if you separate males from females when they don't need their mum anymore so there will be no unplanned litters.