guinea pigs feeding requirements

Cavy feeding requirementsTry to give your Guinea Pig a tablespoon of some of the items in each of the following groups you can be sure that your piggy is having a healthy diet.

  • Dandelion, groundsel, shepherd's purse, cow parsley, sow thistle, cover, chickweed, plantains, vetches, varieties of grass.
  • Carrot, cabbage, kale, bramble cuttings and turnip.
  • Guinea pig foods from the pet shop.
  • Hay which should be fed ad lib.


Cavie feeding requirementsGuinea Pigs should always have fresh water available because they don't get all the water they need from green foods that they eat. If the diet is too dry it can lead to a prolapsed rectum. You should change the water of your guinea pigs 3 times a week.

Vitamin C deficiency Guinea Pigs regularly need a lot of vitamin C. If they don't get enough vitamin C they will lose weight and form, their limb joints become enlarged and painful because of internal haemorrhages, they are weak and lame and sooner or later die. The symptoms occur as early as two weeks after shortage of Vitamin C.

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