housing your guinea pig (cages)

cavy cagesYou can house your Guinea pigs either indoors or outside and you must decide this before you buy your guinea pig cages. It is also very important to consider that in many countries like the United States, it is strongly encouraged to keep your guinea pigs inside the house because of the constant change in weather conditions and also your piggy can feel as a part of the family if it is kept inside.

If you are going to house your guinea pig outdoors you must see that the hutch or cage is weatherproof and have an overhang to stop rain. The cage or hutch should not be put directly on the ground. It should be positioned in a sheltered place, away from strong sunlight and draught. It should be secure to stop cats and other animals from getting in.

If you are going to house your guinea pig indoors you have to make sure that the hutch or cage is placed in a quiet area of the house and away from loud noises which can frighten them. If you have one cavie keep him in a room where he will see people so that he does not feel alone. Guinea pigs should be kept away from radiators, heaters, bright lights and draughts. Let him have natural light but away from direct sunlight.

In both cases the most important thing is that your guinea pig is that the hutch or cage must have enough space for him/them when he is fully grown. For example for two small guinea pigs they need to have a housing of 120* 60 * 45cm.

If your Guinea Pig is living in a small cage you need to let him out of the cage to make some exercise.

Always make sure that you buy your guinea pig a big cage for him to live comfortably.