breeding setbacks

We as Guinea Pigs Club don't suggest to anyone to breed guinea pigs, your first preference should be to adopt or buy from responsible breeders. Below please find some breeding setbacks that can stop you from breeding your pet guinea pig.

  • The strain of a pregnancy may kill a sow only a few days ahead of her due date for giving birth.
  • Cold, damp or drafty cages may cause a pregnant sow to go into decline very quickly and die.
  • Difficult births during which the young arrive with the back feet first rather then the head may be very difficult for sows.
  • Even more serious is a birth where the first baby arrives with its nose tucked under its body. This baby will die as will all the others that follow.
  • All litter may be neglected at birth and all the young may die.

So please think well before breeding your guinea pig.

"Before breeding a guinea pig always think about how many homeless guinea pigs you can save instead of breeding" Guinea Pigs Club

CautionGuinea Pigs can sometimes breed at the age, so if you don't have any plan to breed your cavies, it's better if you separate males from females when they don't need their mum anymore so there will be no unplanned litters.

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