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What Types of Damage Rodents Can Do to Your Home


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What Types of Damage Rodents Can Do to Your HomeRodent infestations are any homeownerís nightmare. That rapid pitter-patter of tiny feet running in our attic, or the ominous scratching behind the drywall, should be enough to make you phone an exterminator right away. You may think, ďLive and let live, leave the poor critters be.Ē And perhaps your concern for the welfare of these seemingly innocent little beasts is commendable, but you have clearly never seen the damage those pests can wreak on your home.


The first reason why you donít want any rodents in your home, is because they can spread disease. Remember the Black Death. Of course you donít, otherwise you will be out killing rats already. During the mid-14th century, the Black Death wiped out up to 60% of the population of Europe. The plague is believed to have been carried on fleas living on black rats, that stowed away on merchant ships. Outbreaks of the plague in Europe continued until the 19th century. Still think rodents are cute? Letís look at the damage they can cause.


One of the most common types of rat that you are likely to encounter, is the black rat (the plague carrier, remember?), also known as the roof rat, named for its preferred habitat. Another is the brown rat, or Norwegian rat, which is an underground badass whom you are likely to encounter in your basement.

Black rats are prolific breeders, so itís likely that the damage they do will amplify over time. They will leave the roof or attic at night to search for food, and hide away during the day. Your ceiling insulation will become both its bedding and its toilet, and they can easily chew through the insulation of your electrical wires, creating a risk for short circuits that can start fires.

Brown rats will eat holes in cardboard boxes and furniture, and make their nests inside. They can burrow under your homeís foundation, causing it to shift. They are also bigger than black rats. You may think that your little kitty-cat can take care of them, but faced with a gang of these meanies, itís more likely that they will sort out Kitty.

The worst thing about rats in your home, other than the fact that they chew up everything, is that everywhere is a good place for them to go to the toilet. And, apart from the stench, their feces can also spread disease. Yuck!


You are most likely to find mice inside your house, nesting under kitchen cupboards and behind drywall, and even inside large electrical appliances like washing machines. They can enter your home through the tiniest of openings in search of food, and Fidoís bowl is the most convenient free buffet for these tiny little beasts. They will chew on anything, just in case itís edible, including your valuable artworks and documents. Like rats, they can also chew through the insulation on electrical wires, and spread disease, so you can pretty much throw out that box of cereal they munched on.

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