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Guinea Pigs: Personality Matters


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Guinea Pigs: Personality MattersWhen deciding to buy a guinea pig, as with all pets, itís important to consider not only factors like physical and dietary needs, lifespan, special needs, etc., but also personality types. At the same time, is also true that with guinea pigs, personalities arenít quite as trademark to a certain breed as is the case with, for example, dog breeds. That having been said, certain personality types do tend to manifest with certain breeds, even if the categories are much more generalised than with other domesticated animals. Itís all very much a matter of observation, but there does seem to be a number of identifiable traits.

Long-Haired and Laid-Back

Longhaired guinea pigs tend to be much more laid-back and docile than their shorthaired friends. There is a logical explanation for this. Guinea pigs are often showed, and longhaired breeds must be laid-back enough to remain seated on show board areas on show tables. These guinea pigs are showed mostly for their long hair, and as such; require daily grooming to show off their true flair. Over the years, longhaired guinea pigs have evolved into the lap dogs of the guinea pig world as a result of yearís worth of showing. Longhaired guinea pig breeds include Peruvians and Silkies.

Life of The Party

When talking social butterflies, the upbeat life of the party, itís the Teddies and the Abyssinians that come to mind. They are the socialites of the guinea pig world, always eager to run around and play, and much more energetic than most other breeds. Frequent handling helps Teddies and Abyssinians to really come into their own, offsetting a bit of their naturally reserved natures.

Short-Haired Breeds

When it comes to shorthaired breeds, the temperaments of the animals vary greatly. There does seem to be a definite correlation between specific breeder-herds and accompanying temperaments. When considering this, itís obvious that temperaments have a lot to do with genetic make-up in general. Most breeders are pretty clued up about the different personality types that can be expected from different batches of babies and in general they are quite eager to ensure that babies are matched with suitable homes, so they are always open to discussions of this nature.

Perfect Pairs

At the end of the day, regardless of the herd or the breed, guinea pigs live up to the way that they are handled by their owners. Animals who are handled more often, socially stimulated and exposed to more physical interaction with their humans, will evolve into animals that love to interact more often. This is the way of nature and any prospective owner of a guinea pig should keep this in mind. The guinea pig will live up to the conditions in its surroundings. Personality types are shaped and formed based on the volume of interaction that guinea pigs are exposed to. Whatever your preferred personality type, guinea pigs are awesome animals to own. And remember, your own personality will have an influence too! Irrespective of whether you enjoy the thrill of playing pokies online or youíre more of a bookworm, your guinea pig will pick up on your own personality traits and very soon, the pair of you will be a match made in heaven!