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3 Ways To Groom Your Guinea Pig At Home


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3 Ways To Groom Your Guinea Pig At Home

Guinea pigs are cute little pets that can be kept either indoor or outdoor. If you have a guinea pig at home, it is essential to look after them so they can stay healthy and happy. Besides feeding them good quality food and providing hygiene environment, it is also necessary to take care of their grooming. And, the more frequently you do it, the more solid bond it forms between you two.

#1 Brush Their Coat

Regular brushing the coat will not only make them look good, but it also strengthens the bond with your guinea pig. They donít mind being brushed, in fact, most of the time they love it because it signals that their owner really cares about them. Ideally, they should be brushed one or twice a week to minimise shedding. Brushing also lets you to check their skin for any parasites.

Short haired breeds need to be brushed not more than once a week. However, long haired breeds may need brushing multiple times a week in order to prevent their hair from being entangled. If the hair is too long, consider trimming otherwise it will get dirty by dragging on the ground. Get some good grooming tools like small stiff bristle brush and a metal comb as well as clippers using vouchers for the best prices.

#2 Give Them A Bath

Usually guinea pigs do not really need a bath unless it is required because they find it very irritating. You should consider giving them a bath only if their hair or skin is soiled or a vet recommends you to do so. Long-haired breeds may require bathing at regular intervals as their hair may get dirty and entangled easily. Use specific shampoo suitable to your cavy otherwise it may cause allergies to your pet.

Guinea pigs donít like to be drowned in water, so just fill an inch or two warm water in the sink. Put shampoo on the petís hind end and rinse off thoroughly. Keep the towel ready and dry it out immediately. If needed, use a hair dryer to dry their hair. Make sure the shampoo doesnít get into its eyes or ears.

#3 Clip Their Nails

Guinea pigs nails should be clipped regularly, usually once in every month or two because if they grow too big they might cause them trouble moving around. The frequency of clipping depends on the cavyís age, diet and activity. Younger guinea pigsí nails grow generally faster than older ones. Cavies that are more active than sedentary ones wear down their nails more rapidly.

Use simple nail clippers to trim their nails. Take help of someone so that one can gently hold the pet while another does the trimming. Make sure you trim only one nail at a time. Be careful you donít get too close to the blood supply. If your cavy gets very fussy during the nail trimming, stop right there and try again later. If they wriggle around too much, it is wise to leave the task to a vet expert. More than anything, spend some time with your pet to make them feel valued, happy and healthy.