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Helping Your Guinea Pig Live a Long Life


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Helping Your Guinea Pig Live a Long LifeGuinea pigs make one of the best pets in the world thanks to their relatively relaxed nature and their ability to live independently without too much care or maintenance. The average guinea pig will live anywhere between four and eight years, but this depends completely on their genetics, the kind of food they eat, and the environment that they live on.

Giving a guinea pig the best life possible is a responsibility that an owner takes on once they bring the animal home, and since the pet can rely on no one else but the owner, itís important that all steps are taken to ensure the guinea pig is always well-fed, safe, and warm during colder months.

Fortunately, giving your guinea pig everything, it needs is not a difficult task, and only requires a few minutes of your time every day.

1. Setting Up a Good Home

Possibly the two most important aspects to consider when purchasing a new cage is the size, and how easy it is to clean. Guinea pigs need plenty of space to stretch and roam around and keeping them in a cage thatís too small will cause them unnecessary stress and harm.

On top of this, they will also need a small bed that they can hide in if theyíre feeling scared or need a little alone time. Plenty of hay is also necessary, as it allows them to grind their teeth down while also getting the nutrients that they need.

2. Toys

Guinea pigs, like all mammals, love to play, just like we enjoy betting sites, and having a few toys in their home will give them the chance to expend some energy every day, and prevent them from putting on too much weight or becoming too lethargic.

Stuffing a roll of cardboard with hay is the perfect toy for any guinea pig, as it forces them to have to chew through it in order to reach the treats inside.

3. Fresh Water and Food

This canít be stressed enough. Water can turn sour within a day, and itís necessary for a guinea pig to remain fit and healthy.

Along with water, a fresh and balanced diet is also vital. Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals, and require a cup of greens once a day, such as spinach or romaine lettuce. They can have treats, such as fruit, every few days, but itís important to limit their sugar intake.

4. Having a Friend

Guinea pigs are social animals, and love to have some company to play with. Itís important to make sure that the two within the cage are unable to breed, as they can breed and fall pregnant extremely quickly.

Pregnancy is difficult for the females, and itís estimated that one in five guinea pigs die during childbirth. Pregnancy should be avoided as much as possible, which can be done by visiting the vet and having the animals spayed or neutered.