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4 Pests That Are Dangerous to Pets


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4 Pests That Are Dangerous to Pets

For many people, their pet is a loveable companion who can brighten their day at a moment's notice. It would seem only natural to want to protect them from harm in the best way possible, to ensure that there are many more years of fun to be had.

Pests can be damaging to pets as well as humans, often in more immediately harmful ways. In order to ensure that you stay vigilant and keep your furry friend out of harm's way, it might be worth noting some of the common pests worth avoiding.


If you feel as though your pet might already be enduring the hardships of a pest infestation, it is worth acquiring the help of some experts, such as the team at Proactive Pest Solutions.

Ticks can cause issues such as Lyme disease, along with being incredibly discomforting to your pet.

They can difficult to remove, and there is a chance you can increase the danger without employing the proper methods. Crushing the tick can cause a great deal of harm, so it is always best to exercise caution and aim for precision over brute force.

After removal, it can be important to make sure you sterilise the area to reduce the chances of further complications.


Most commonly picked up from eating suspicious food items, worms can cause a multitude of problems and pose to be an extreme danger should they go unnoticed and untreated.

They can cause diarrhoea, fatigue, and sickness, among a range of other internal problems that can affect the wellbeing of your pet.Thankfully, worms are treatable with medication, and seeking help from a veterinarian should be your first course of action.

You may be able to tell if your pet has worms by some fairly obvious signs such as a loss of appetite, sluggishness, or even by spotting the worms themselves.


If your home is suffering from a rat infestation, it is worth bearing in mind the dangers that they can pose to both you and your pet, so dealing with it as soon as possible can protect against lasting damage.Rats can spread diseases that are deadly in both humans and animals, so making sure you keep your pet away from any possible infestation points is crucial.

If you have a cat or a dog, setting them loose to chase down a rat can be damaging to their health, particularly if your pet ingests any harmful bacteria or even poison that the rat may have already ingested.

Making sure to keep your pet out of the way when you call for pest control can work towards limiting the possibility of danger.


Itchy, hard to spot, and exceptionally annoying for you and your pet, fleas can transmit many harmful diseases that can lead to grave consequences in some cases.

It is important to take a preventative approach and thankfully there are many products you can pick straight off the shelf that can help you combat the risk of fleas in your home.