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Guinea Pigs Club:: Top 3 Guinea Pigs Books for June 2007

Author Albert Saliba

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Guinea Pigs Club:: Top 3 Guinea Pigs Books for June 2007Guinea Pigs Club have chosen 3 books that every guinea pig owner should read to learn more about his pet cavy these are Guinea Piglopaedia, Proper Care of Guinea Pigs and What's My Guinea Pig?

Guinea Piglopaedia: Packed with expert advice and information on every aspect of caring for these delightful animals, presented in a straightforward, easily accessible format. There is comprehensive advice on breeding and genetics as well as a section devoted to exhibiting guinea pigs. Finally, there is a detailed and truly comprehensive section on guinea pig healthcare, diseases and disorders and available treatment.

The Proper Care of Guinea Pigs: If you were to buy only one guinea pig book, then buy this one. 'The Proper Care of Guinea Pigs' is written by an Englishman who shares his apartment with over thirty of these loveable creatures. This book is more than just a how-to manual. It is written with affection. The book also has many appealing colour photos of Peter's guinea pigs. Lookout for one of the shopping basket full of pigs! The comprehensive chapters on basic care are spiced up with Peter Gurney's anecdotes on guinea pig ownership. The book also includes an informative chapter about how to look after your sick guinea pig. And if you don't already own a guinea pig; you'll want to after reading this endearing book.

What's My Guinea Pig?: Peter Gurney devotes his life to the care of guinea pigs, and is the author of Piggy Potions and The Pro per Care of Guinea Pigs. In this book, Gurney looks at the d ifferent breeds of guinea pig.

Guinea Pigs Club top 3 Guinea Pigs (Cavy, Cavies) Books