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Guinea pig family saved from fire

Author BBC

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Guinea pig family saved from fire

A family of eight guinea pigs was rescued by firefighters after a fire broke out at their home on Saturday.

Chewy, Chauncy, Rusty, Spike, Junior, Sooty, Sweep and Fred were pulled from their cages unconscious but were revived using a children's oxygen mask.

All eight guinea pigs were checked over by a vet and are fully recovered, if a little smelly and smoke-stained.

Owner Linda Lang said: "I'm over the moon they managed to get them out and took the trouble to revive them."

The guinea pigs became trapped when the owners fled their home in Puckeridge, Hertfordshire, after a fire broke out next door.

Mrs Lang told firefighters about the pets and two fireman went back into the smoke-filled house to rescue the rodents from their cages in the dining room.

"I thought they were all dead as they were all floppy," said Mrs Lang.

"But the firemen put oxygen masks on them and they came round.

"They were a bit groggy and very grubby. The white ones had turned grey," she added.