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Most Valentines Cards Sent to a Guinea Pig

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Most Valentines Cards Sent to a Guinea Pig

One rampant rodent turned Romeo when he broke out of his pen at Little Friends Farm in Wales, UK. Sooty the guinea pig's mission was to mate with as many females as possible… and, over two nights, ended up mating with all 24 of the females at the Farm!

The story caught the press' attention, with the result that Sooty's postbag bulged with a breathtaking 206 cards on Valentine's Day the following year – the most ever received by a guinea pig!

"He spent two nights with them and got every single one of them pregnant," explained Carol Feehan, who runs the farm. "After wearing himself out, he slept for two days. He was shattered," she said!

The Romeo rodent's unbridled nights of passion were soon richly rewarded – he became the proud father of 43 baby guinea pigs! Overrun with newborns, Carol enlisted the local media's help to find them homes. The spotlight soon saw Sooty becoming inundated with Valentines cards from all over the world!

The mischievous animal is taking all the attention in his stride, however. "He's always up to something or other," says Carol, who is now serving up the animal's diet for her husband – fresh dandelion leaves and spring water. "He's very jealous, but it hasn't worked!"