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Skinny Pigs Information

Author Emma Pattinson

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Skinny Pigs Information"Unfortunately skinny pigs are said to be the result of laboratory mutations ( We should never support animal experimentation but now that we have the skinny pigs we should love them and threat them as normal guinea pigs/pets." Albert Saliba Guinea Pigs Club

Skinny Pigs are also referred to as 'Nearly Hairless' because they are not completely naked like the other hairless breed, Baldwin. Skinny Pigs are hairy on the face and feet, but some like humans can have more hair covering their body. The extra hair is mainly around the shoulder area and rear end.

Skinny guinea pigs need extra care then common guinea pigs, they need to be bathed every 2-3 month with Baby or a very mild shampoo. Make sure dry the piggy properly because this could cause an infection inbetween the folds of skin.

They also need to be kept in hotter places as they don't have hair to keep them warm (between 15 C and 25 C). They must live indoors or a 24hr heated area. As Skinnys have no coat, itchin can cause problem as their nails can create open cuts on their body and can cause an infection.

Skinny Pigs require a lot of good quality food, dry, fresh and Hay. This will keep them healthy on the inside as well as the out.