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A "Piggy" Holiday!!!!

Author Lizzie

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A To most of us, our guinea pigs are one of the most important things in our lives!

We cherish their company and love them with all of our heart. When we cry we can hold them close, when we're mad we can talk to them about our problems, and when we're happy or excited they are there to celebrate with us! These loveable, furry creatures are a wonderful gift. We are blessed to have them in our lives. If you look on a calendar, there are many different holidays for many different occasions! But why isn't there one for guinea pigs? I mean sure we can celebrate their birthdays but I think we should have a day where we can all celebrate them together! JUNE 1st! The perfect day! It's nice and warm outside with pretty flowers everywhere! When you can go outside and play in the sprinkler or simply ride your bike around! Maybe while your outside, you can form an area (just for your guinea pigs) in your room and let them run around! Give them some treats and snacks to eat! At night you can lay down with them and watch a movie! They'll be just thrilled! If you like this idea of celebrating your guinea pigs on June 1st, then help spread the news to all of your friends and family and we can all enjoy them together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!