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Help Homeless Guinea Pigs

Author Kori

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Help Homeless Guinea Pigs

All of these Guinea Pigs are now homed

Wanted: good homes for some of your favorite furry friends! These guinea pigs are colorful, friendly, and healthy, and range in age from about a month to four years old. We have too many of them, and it's time to move some along to greener pastures. Both males and females are up for grabs. The males have all been together for some time, so they get along splendidly, and most of the females are good breeding stock. All of them will make excellent pets. As of now, they live outside, so they are well-adjusted to changes in temperature and weather. Take one, take two, take two dozen; it doesn't matter. They are free to good homes. We are located in Santa Margarita, right in the middle of San Luis Obispo County.