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Author Albert Saliba

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This is Review for new Disney movie G-Force,  this movie is about trained spy guinea pigs which work for the FBI. All in all the movie is very nice and has a lot of action.

The guinea pigs animation is very cool and realistic and we give them full marks for that, but on the other end they have some inaccuracies about guinea pigs health which can give bad ideas to guinea pig owners. In most of the guinea pig movies we see guinea pig cages furnished with hamster wheels which are not healthy for guinea pigs to use. Another similar thing we can see is the use of hamster balls which as well they are not good for guinea pigs. In some of the scenes we can see the guinea pigs swim and also guinea pig owners making make up on their guinea pig and also put them in a remote control car, which in real life is cruel for guinea pigs. As the guinea pigs are animated itís not a problem but it can mislead guinea pig owners on some major issues like giving cake to guinea pig which as well is not  healthy.

The movie is great and even the story is very interesting but letís hope that no guinea pig owners get any of the some silly ideas from this movie!