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Crickley Meadow - A Guinea Pigs story book every Guinea Pigs owner must read

Author Gerard Clark

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Crickley Meadow - A Guinea Pigs story book every Guinea Pigs owner must read

The idyllic English village of Crickley Meadow had been basking in the heat of the long, hot summer, enjoyed not least by the guinea pigs that resided in the outhouse at Fernbrook Cottage. They could not have envisaged their perfect world being turned so abruptly upside-down as happened when the dastardly Cuthbert Fanshaw had thirteen of their number kidnapped. Fanshaw Cosmetics had been struggling to develop new products following a successful campaign to stop animal testing in its laboratory and now Fanshaw planned to conduct his experiments in secret.

Who would rescue the beleaguered creatures? Only the animals left behind knew where they had been taken. So it was that twelve guinea pigs embarked on hazardous mission to find their friends and bring them home. They face many perils on the journey over land and through the town of Whitebridge, yet at Fanshaw Cosmetics, still more trouble lies in wait. Confronted by an enemy of their own size, the guinea pigs will need to outwit and defeat this new foe if they are to rescue their friends and not end up as captives themselves.

Even if they can succeed, they will then have to tackle the not inconsiderable task of escaping the confines of Fanshaw Cosmetics and making it home again in one piece!

About Gerard Clark

Gerard Clark was born in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England in 1954 and now lives in Preston, Lancashire with his wife Christine, and sons Andy and Joe. Living with them also is their Shi Tzu Harvey, Ivan the rabbit as well as numerous guinea pigs. It was Christine who provided the inspiration for this, his first book, with her unique way of humanising the animals and exaggerating their personalities. Her caricatures were a great source of amusement to their sons when they were younger. The central characters were thus ready-made and just needed putting into a story. Even some of the incidents in the book were inspired by actual events.